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I:T Char Burger

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Cheese Burger

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Jun 22, 2012

It's All In The Details

Burger Basics

Built with a basic burger bun and beef patty, I:T Char burger isn't here to flex its creative muscles. I am positive I ordered a single patty burg, but upon taking my first bite I realized I was chomping down two patties which is always a nice surprise. In this case it was a little deceiving though because, due to their size, it very easily could have just been a single patty broken in two with the halves stacked on top of each other. This also proved to be an issue later on in the burging session as the bun to patty ratio was off and I ended up chowing down on pure bun and toppings for my last few bites. However, regardless of size, the patty was properly cooked and a hot juicy mess, leaving the foil bag it was served in with an ample sized pool of burger drippin's. Even though the bun was toasted the burg juices proved too much and I was only half way through before I saw the signs of seepage and the bun slowly degraded from there.

The Extras

Not much in the way of extras, your basic bacon, cheese and mushroom options. I couldn't even put some ketchup on the burger as my allotted two take-out ketchup packets were already reserved for my fries, which were in dire need of it.

The Experience

I:T Char is located in a small shopping mall that has tumble weeds blowing past the dollar store across the way. Actually, I shouldn't be so down on it. There is a Joey’s, a pizza hut and a Safeway there, but those all have outside access meaning that the only real reason people would be coming into the mall is the liquor store, and it shows.

My Take

I randomly came across this joint and really wasn't sure about it to start. I did a little research and found an online review stating that some person frequents this place multiple times a week. I can definitively tell you that, based on the meat waddle I did walking out of that mall, multiple times a week is an unhealthy prospect. This joint deals you a seriously sloppy burger, with descent size and true sloppy burger flavor. There are two major flaws though that have to be noted. First off, the menu was so small and scatter-brained that I didn't even notice that there was bacon available. The main menu board itself has about 15 pictures of 3 different angles of the same burg, and not one item on there is a burger. You need to bring your gaze all the way down to the pieces of paper lining the glass windows on the counter to find the half-sheet of burgers. The second problem is the obnoxious amount of processed cheese melted throughout the burger and oozing out the back in a gooey orange tide of burger desecration. I am pretty confident that I lost more processed cheese off this burger than I'd eat if I'd had 3 fast food cheeseburgers. Putting my processed cheese bias aside, I won't go so far as to say that it's a diamond in the rough, but the burger was much more than I expected.

Rating Breakdown

  • Quality of Bun
  • Quality of Patty
  • Quality of Toppings
  • Selection of Toppings
  • Preparation
  • Aesthetics
  • Manageability
  • Drip Factor
  • Uniqueness
  • Overall Flavour
  • Value


  • 7/10
  • 11/15
  • 7/10
  • 3/5
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  • 14/20
  • 3/5

Burger Rating Scale: Explained

To start, just a note explaining the weighted rating of the burg. We understand that it might be a little confusing, but the thought is that certain points of a burger just have more of an effect on how good a burger really is. For example, we feel the quality of the patty has a bigger impact on the burger than the cost or how well it holds together.

  • Quality of Bun: How was the bun? Fresh? Chewy? We always hope for the freshest possible bun, something that we can grip on to and that will act as a proper container for the burger itself
  • Quality of Patty: Ah, the essence of the burg. How good is the patty though? I mean, are we dealing with the ideal 80/20 chuck? Or, do we have a patty riddled with filler and other foreign and unwanted product?
  • Quality of Toppings: How fresh is the produce on the burg? How fresh are the sauces? How well prepared are the other wild and wonderful things that adorn our burg?
  • Selection of Toppings: Is this a joint that tells you what to get? Or is the the sky the limit? There's something to be said for a place that will let you pile some onion rings, a fried egg and a half a Bavarian on your burg.
  • Preparation: How well are the 'essentials' prepared? Did you have the makings for a good patty, but Joe Chef burnt it beyond recognition? Was the patty great, but that heap of bacon you wanted was uncooked? Overall, how was the burger put together?
  • Aesthetics: Nothing says delicious like a burger that is giving you those "come hither" looks with how delicious IT looks.
  • Manageability: How far did you make it before the burger fell apart? I know a good burger is supposed to be juicy and leave your hands a mess, but I don't feel that I should be eating the majority of it with a fork.
  • Drip Factor: Just how far down your arm did that succulent stream of burger juices make it? We all know that noone leaves a proper burger battle without getting a little messy
  • Uniqueness: Can you get this burg at McDonalds? Did they take some time to actually make something different here? You can have burgers that are just plain amazing, and you can have burgers that are amazing and make you think "Where did they come up with this?"
  • Overall Flavor: Did your taste-buds do a jig? Does your mouth water at the mere mention of this burger joint? Flavor is where it’s at baby!
  • Value: How much "bang for your buck" factor was involved? Obviously you pay for greatness, but sometimes it is unjust, and sometimes it is just a treat.
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