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Ace Burger Bar

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Full House Burger

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Oct 23, 2012

It's All In The Details

Burger Basics

When you dub yourself a Burger Bar, you dedicate yourself to a craft, and the craft starts at the ground level here at Ace Burger Bar. Focusing on local, they source their beef from Big Lou’s butcher shop and produce great 6oz patties in-house. With great texture and prep, it’s a patty that you can taste through mountains of toppings. The sesame burger bun is somewhat of a miracle worker, helping a mammoth burger keep its shape through an onslaught of egg yolk and burger juices.

The Extras

While the quantity may not be equal to some burger specialty joints, the quality is there throughout. My burger came with an abundance of fresh produce, sauces, bacon, etc. yet it may have been the other burger at our table that told the tale of care put into the extras. The lamb burger came with fresh slices of cucumber and tomato along with a thick slice of feta. No chopped up Greek salad turned burger topping, but actual thick cut ingredients building up a real Greek style burger.

The Experience

New to the Vancouver burger scene, Ace Burger bar takes the place of a former burger bar that wasn’t too old itself. Right downtown, they provide a refreshing burger experience only blocks from Granville street.

My Take

So, I got myself a little caught up with this burger, not realizing that the burger I ordered was the Full House burger with all the trimmings. First of all, I normally like to keep everything equal and get my regular bacon/cheddar burger, secondly I was not overly hungry. Not one to back down from a challenge, I accepted that I may have over ordered and eagerly awaited what was coming to me. I was not disappointed in the least. Full House burger? This thing looks like it weighs more than the Olsen twins combined. Measuring in at a minimum of 7 inches tall I was faced with the realization that this was going to be a battle of will and potential hand cramping. Extending my fingers to their fullest, I grabbed on to the beast and savagely bit in to the tower of burger toppings, releasing a cascade of burger juices and egg yolk down my wrists. For the next 5 minutes I put my game face on and did battle, unrelenting and delicious burger battle, and once the fog cleared I emerged the victor of a war with no loser. While I will admit that there are many more "challenging" burgers, I normally don’t get into the big burger ring, so this was on the larger side for myself. The only thing that Ace Burger needs to contemplate is perhaps a finger bowl to clean yourself off with.

Rating Breakdown

  • Quality of Bun
  • Quality of Patty
  • Quality of Toppings
  • Selection of Toppings
  • Preparation
  • Aesthetics
  • Manageability
  • Drip Factor
  • Uniqueness
  • Overall Flavour
  • Value


  • 8/10
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  • 9/10
  • 4/5
  • 9/10
  • 5/5
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  • 18/20
  • 3/5

Burger Rating Scale: Explained

To start, just a note explaining the weighted rating of the burg. We understand that it might be a little confusing, but the thought is that certain points of a burger just have more of an effect on how good a burger really is. For example, we feel the quality of the patty has a bigger impact on the burger than the cost or how well it holds together.

  • Quality of Bun: How was the bun? Fresh? Chewy? We always hope for the freshest possible bun, something that we can grip on to and that will act as a proper container for the burger itself
  • Quality of Patty: Ah, the essence of the burg. How good is the patty though? I mean, are we dealing with the ideal 80/20 chuck? Or, do we have a patty riddled with filler and other foreign and unwanted product?
  • Quality of Toppings: How fresh is the produce on the burg? How fresh are the sauces? How well prepared are the other wild and wonderful things that adorn our burg?
  • Selection of Toppings: Is this a joint that tells you what to get? Or is the the sky the limit? There's something to be said for a place that will let you pile some onion rings, a fried egg and a half a Bavarian on your burg.
  • Preparation: How well are the 'essentials' prepared? Did you have the makings for a good patty, but Joe Chef burnt it beyond recognition? Was the patty great, but that heap of bacon you wanted was uncooked? Overall, how was the burger put together?
  • Aesthetics: Nothing says delicious like a burger that is giving you those "come hither" looks with how delicious IT looks.
  • Manageability: How far did you make it before the burger fell apart? I know a good burger is supposed to be juicy and leave your hands a mess, but I don't feel that I should be eating the majority of it with a fork.
  • Drip Factor: Just how far down your arm did that succulent stream of burger juices make it? We all know that noone leaves a proper burger battle without getting a little messy
  • Uniqueness: Can you get this burg at McDonalds? Did they take some time to actually make something different here? You can have burgers that are just plain amazing, and you can have burgers that are amazing and make you think "Where did they come up with this?"
  • Overall Flavor: Did your taste-buds do a jig? Does your mouth water at the mere mention of this burger joint? Flavor is where it’s at baby!
  • Value: How much "bang for your buck" factor was involved? Obviously you pay for greatness, but sometimes it is unjust, and sometimes it is just a treat.
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