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Single Bacon Cheeseburger

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Aug 17, 2011

It's All In The Details

Burger Basics

The essentials? Hodad's has nailed it. Let me repeat that, Nailed. It. End of story. I mean, the patty is prime grade ground chuck, cooked to a perfect temp (well done for my Canadian self) with a simple yet remarkable season to it. The patty is then slapped onto a soft sesame bun that is given just a kiss of crunch from the grill. From there we get some American cheddar and an over-the-top amount of produce, including what tasted like some in-house brined cukes in place of pickles. Finally slather on what seems to be a perfect sauce to burg ratio of the usual suspects and you have completed the masterpiece. You can hear the angels sing as it is presented to you, and the symphony continues as the burger juices flow. Drip, Drip, Drip.

The Extras

I did leave one thing out of the previous section because, while it is an essential part of the burg, it is definitely an 'extra'. Can you say "Bacon Patty?". Yes, your eyes do not deceive, it's an entire patty made of beautiful thick cut bacon which is rendered and then shredded down and formed into a glorious patty shape and then grilled to a crispy perfection. Boom. Bacon Patty. I can't really explain how good it tastes, but I could liken the experience to strapping myself to a rocket and getting fired into space. It's about that insanely good.

The Experience

Well, the joint is in a great location, right on the main drag in Ocean Beach, a mere stumble from the Pacific. The place lends itself nicely to the whole beach bum vibe of the town, with license plates hanging on the wall from nearly every state, province and country around, as if to say "Screw the car, I'm never leaving this burger".

My Take

Good lord. I'm some time removed from tasting the sweet nectar of this monumental burg and I still salivate upon uttering a single syllable of their name... "Hodads". It just resonates through my very being... As I am writing this, I realize that I really do not know of a word that could aptly describe just how good this burger is. All I can say is, I would spend the airfare just for another bite, and if you happened to be down in California and missed out on this burger, it may be your greatest regret in life. Anyone down for a road trip?

Rating Breakdown

  • Quality of Bun
  • Quality of Patty
  • Quality of Toppings
  • Selection of Toppings
  • Preparation
  • Aesthetics
  • Manageability
  • Drip Factor
  • Uniqueness
  • Overall Flavour
  • Value


  • 9/10
  • 14/15
  • 10/10
  • 4/5
  • 10/10
  • 5/5
  • 8/10
  • 4/5
  • 4/5
  • 20/20
  • 4/5

Burger Rating Scale: Explained

To start, just a note explaining the weighted rating of the burg. We understand that it might be a little confusing, but the thought is that certain points of a burger just have more of an effect on how good a burger really is. For example, we feel the quality of the patty has a bigger impact on the burger than the cost or how well it holds together.

  • Quality of Bun: How was the bun? Fresh? Chewy? We always hope for the freshest possible bun, something that we can grip on to and that will act as a proper container for the burger itself
  • Quality of Patty: Ah, the essence of the burg. How good is the patty though? I mean, are we dealing with the ideal 80/20 chuck? Or, do we have a patty riddled with filler and other foreign and unwanted product?
  • Quality of Toppings: How fresh is the produce on the burg? How fresh are the sauces? How well prepared are the other wild and wonderful things that adorn our burg?
  • Selection of Toppings: Is this a joint that tells you what to get? Or is the the sky the limit? There's something to be said for a place that will let you pile some onion rings, a fried egg and a half a Bavarian on your burg.
  • Preparation: How well are the 'essentials' prepared? Did you have the makings for a good patty, but Joe Chef burnt it beyond recognition? Was the patty great, but that heap of bacon you wanted was uncooked? Overall, how was the burger put together?
  • Aesthetics: Nothing says delicious like a burger that is giving you those "come hither" looks with how delicious IT looks.
  • Manageability: How far did you make it before the burger fell apart? I know a good burger is supposed to be juicy and leave your hands a mess, but I don't feel that I should be eating the majority of it with a fork.
  • Drip Factor: Just how far down your arm did that succulent stream of burger juices make it? We all know that noone leaves a proper burger battle without getting a little messy
  • Uniqueness: Can you get this burg at McDonalds? Did they take some time to actually make something different here? You can have burgers that are just plain amazing, and you can have burgers that are amazing and make you think "Where did they come up with this?"
  • Overall Flavor: Did your taste-buds do a jig? Does your mouth water at the mere mention of this burger joint? Flavor is where it’s at baby!
  • Value: How much "bang for your buck" factor was involved? Obviously you pay for greatness, but sometimes it is unjust, and sometimes it is just a treat.
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